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  • Getting Started with Service Workers

    Getting started with Service Workers was both an exciting and extremely frustrating experience. It started when I was working on an old html5/canvas game that I had made as a proof of concept that used the AppCache API. I knew AppCache was on its way out and that Service Workers, along with the new Cache […]

  • WordPress Plugin Conflicts and Compatibility

    One of the reasons WordPress is so successful, and used so widely, is because it can do almost anything you need, particularly through the use of Plugins. Plugins add new features to a website by extending the core functionality of WordPress. However, not all plugins are created equally, and it’s impossible for even the best […]

  • Hangry Shark – An HTML5 Canvas Experiment

    A couple months ago there seemed to be a handful of blogs posting about new HTML5 canvas games that they were creating, most spawning off of Flappy Birds’ popularity. The premise being that they wanted to challenge themselves to recreate a simple game using the modern web client stack (HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript) instead of a specific mobile […]

  • Running a Development Copy of WordPress Multisite – Part 2

    I recently made a detailed post explaining how I created a production and development environment that share a database using WordPress in a Multisite configuration. One thing that I felt was missing from the production environment was the ability to quickly jump from production to development while making changes to site content. With the new […]

  • Using JavaScript to Determine the Number of Days Between the Beginning of the Year and a Given Date

    I recently came across the need to determine how many days fell between the beginning of the year and a given date. The most convenient way to do this is to add a new method to the Date object. Let’s get started! Date.prototype.getDOY = function() { var januaryFirst = new Date(this.getFullYear(),0,1); return Math.ceil((this – januaryFirst) […]