Face Lift

There have been a countless number of laubsterboy.com design iterations over the years and though it has been a long time coming the newest version is finally ready. Notice that I said “ready” and not “done”, cause there will always be things that I want to change or update, but for the time being it’s ready for the world to see. The site has gone from several iterations of completely static HTML, to a custom made PHP content management system, to a complete reworking to use Joomla, and now to a hybrid between dynamic and manually managed content.

Through all of the updates and experiments I’ve learned a countless amount about web design, development, optimization, and management. Inevitably I also spent countless frustrating hours debugging and trying to find a solution to cross-browser, JavaScript, CSS, or HTML problems. So, in an attempt to prevent the rest of you from pulling your hair out like I did I would like to use this blog to share those problems and the specific details of the solutions that I came up with.


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