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  • Using JavaScript to Determine the Number of Days Between the Beginning of the Year and a Given Date

    I recently came across the need to determine how many days fell between the beginning of the year and a given date. The most convenient way to do this is to add a new method to the Date object. Let’s get started! Date.prototype.getDOY = function() { var januaryFirst = new Date(this.getFullYear(),0,1); return Math.ceil((this – januaryFirst) […]

  • JavaScript Implicit and Explicit Context

    Several years ago I was having a conversation with a friend about the future of the web and if it involved Abobe Flash or if it would eventually be replaced by HTML5 / JavaScript / CSS. The argument between the two went many different directions, however by the end of the conversation it was obvious […]

  • Face Lift

    There have been a countless number of design iterations over the years and though it has been a long time coming the newest version is finally ready. Notice that I said “ready” and not “done”, cause there will always be things that I want to change or update, but for the time being it’s […]