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  1. This is the kind of plugin that I assumed was a built-in feature of WP multisite. I now know better so, having found this post, am wondering how to acquire this kind of plugin. Does it exist already, or were you talking about building it?…

    looking forward to reply…

  2. Hi, Bailey. I too assumed that this functionality would be baked into WP multisite, but for whatever reason it’s not. I’m not aware of any plugins that provide this functionality, but the code in the post actually is a complete plugin and can be copied into a new php file and then placed in your WP wp-content/plugins directory and then activated in the Network Plugins screen. Keep in mind it will have no settings or options, but if activated it will prevent user activation emails from being sent and will also automatically create the user account.

  3. Huge thanks for this! This is the exact set up I needed and had been struggling with the filters to make it happen on my own. Thanks again!

    1. Hi, Ben. Nothing has changed with the filter in the WordPress core code. How are you adding the code to your MU install? Are you using an mu-plugin, a regular plugin, adding it to your theme functions.php, or some other way? I ask because it must be added in such a way that the code is run across the network/site, so it’s ideally put into an mu-plugin or a regular network activated plugin.

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